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Terms and Conditions

Any persons who purchase services offered by Emblem Art Incorporated or respond to emails sent by Emblem Art Incorporated shall be referred to as ‘client’.
By purchasing any goods or services from Emblem Art Incorporated you, the client, agree to the following:

Payment terms:

All payments must be made within 15 days of invoice/PayPal request. Any payment made after this 15 day period will incur a 15% late charge. Late fees are recurring in 15 day stacking increments. Any credit card or PayPal payments over $450 may be subject to a 3% processing fee. If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice date a collection agency may be employed to collect payment. Any fees or charges associated with the use of a collection agency will be added to the balance due. Returned checks will incur a 20% fee. Late charges will apply if payment is not received within 30 days. Credit Card or PayPal chargeback’s will be contested at all costs including but not limited to and Collections and Legal fees. These costs will be charge to the client, and payment will be received. All fees and surcharges are independent of each other and will be added to the balance accordingly. Deposits are 100% non-refundable. A 10% overrun may be applied to orders of 300 emblems or more. Emblems do not ship until all payments have been made. Invoices are available “by request”. If an invoice is not requested EmblemArt cannot be held responsible. Any and all chargebacks or Paypal Payment disputes will be contested, and any accounts owed as a result will be sent to a collections agency for payment collection. Collection and lated fees will apply to all accounts sent to collections.


Return Merchandise Authorizations are required for any and all returns or refund requests. Returns are not accepted for any of our custom products. Returns for High Quantity Emblems (300+) will not be accepted unless Emblem Art Inc is contacted 3 days after receipt of Emblems. Return of Chrome plated Emblems are subject to approval. Return of “Chrome Letters, Numbers and Punctuation” are accepted 7 days after receipt. Emblems must be in unopened unused condition. If returned conditions are not acceptable as determined by Emblem Art Inc, no refund will be given and emblems will not be returned to sender. Items or orders returned to Emblem Art Incorporated without Authorization will be considered abandoned by the Client and recycled. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs incurred during the returns process. Funds will be returned in the manner in which they were received.

Copyright/Image use permissions:

Emblem Art Incorporated is a contract service; As such Emblem Art Incorporated claims no rights or privileges in the use of any images submitted by clients are or are not used in the creation of custom emblems. Any images used by Emblem Art Inc will be submitted by the client. The client is responsible to obtain any copyright or trademark permissions for use of the image. If Emblem Art Inc receives an image from any client, it is inherently assumed by Emblem Art Incorporated that this client has obtained any and all permissions or other applicable protection rights to use that image for the use of their order.

The client shall be held legally responsible for any and all claims against said image and holds Emblem Art Inc in no way responsible for any copyright or other protection infringement. By using the services offered by Emblem Art Incorporated, the client indicates that they own or have received all permissions, copyrights, trademarks, or other legal protections regarding the artwork, and authorize Emblem Art Incorporated to use that artwork in regards to the services provided.

Logos, graphics and images on this domain may be trademarked, registered trademark or material under copyright held by their respective companies/holders. They are provided on this domain for convenience and reference of services offered by Emblem Art Incorporated.  They are provided only for their lawful use. Any unauthorized use of these items by the user shall be the sole responsibility of the user. Furthermore, by purchasing any product or service offered by Emblem Art Incorporated, the client indicates that they have any and all authority and/or permission to use the artwork provided and release Emblem Art, in all respects, from any copyright or trademark infringements.. Also by any form of payment to Emblem Art Incorporated or it’s subsidiaries, the client indicates that they have any and all authority and/or permission to use the artwork provided and release Emblem Art, in all respects, from any copyright or trademark infringements.

In no way does Emblem Art claim to have any rights or privileges to create, reproduce or sell any design held in copyright/trademark by any other holder. All alleged infringement of rights or protections will be referred to the client who ordered the alleged infringed item. All clients who have or will purchase services from Emblem Art Incorporated have hereby designated that they have permission to use all artwork submitted by said client. All clients also agree that Emblem Art Incorporated can use images of the clients custom work on any domains owned by Emblem Art Incorporated for only their lawful use.


All shipments will be made by USPS priority mail. Emblem Art Inc will use its own discretion in determining shipping and handling costs and will charge accordingly to secure safe shipment of goods or services. Orders are shipped FOB Emblem Art Inc. Shipping insurance is available upon request by the client which costs are the responsibility of the client. Emblem Art Inc is not responsible for any damage, delays or theft during shipment.  If theft happens during the shipping process (ie at the clients door, or front desk etc), Emblem Art Inc requires a Police Report by party of the client as necessary proof in shipping insurance claims. If STOP SHIPMENT is required due to non-payment or other arising issue due to customer negligence, the customer is responsible for all costs and fees incurred, including costs for reshipment once payment clears.


Emblem Art Incorporated will in no way share any information to any unaffiliated third party.


By Returning or responding to emails sent by EmblemArt.com signifies agreement to all terms and conditions listed herein. Including but not limited to the Return Policy, Copyright/Image use permissions, Shipping and Payment Terms.
Failure to comply with these terms will result in appropriate action, which may include your account being sent to a collections agency, legal proceedings, or other reasonable response. The account holder, or client will be responsible for all cost incurred in the pursuit of resolution.