Frequently Asked Questions

What are the emblems made of?

For our chrome plated emblems we offer an Black Acylic Nickel plated material. We use this material to make our Custom Chrome Emblems. This material is an automotive grade composite backed with a all weather rated 3M adhisive. This material is made from the same stuff that OEM car emblems are made from. However the material is processed differently to allow us to make emblems in small quantities. There are some limitations with this material as well be sure to check this material on our Chrome Emblems page for more information.

We also offer Carbon Steel and Billet Aluminum Emblems. These are made from exactly what they say they are. These two materials can be made in their raw form or you can order a variety of polishes or powder coats to make your emblem complete.

We have several types of emblems now available, depending on how you want your emblem to look and how many you are looking to order. Check out our gallery. Click Here or the tab on the left.


How do they attach to the car-do you have to drill holes?

For the acrylic chrome emblems No holes required. We don't like holes in our cars either. EmblemArt emblems use the same adhesives as stock emblems. We include adhesive; just peel and stick.

The more heavy duty emblems, such as the Billet aluminum, and the carbon steel may require some holes. However it is recommended as these emblems are a hot item!!


How big can you make them?

We can make emblems virtually any size; The price for each emblem is based on the dimensions. The standard thickness of the emblems is 3 millimeters, or 1/8".


Can you make them in different colors?

Unfortunately we don't offer short order emblems in any colors at this time. The billet aluminum and the carbon steel custom emblems can be powder coated. Large emblem orders (300+) have limited color availability as well.


What if I don't have a design, or I'm not sure what I want?

Simple design work is included at no additional cost. If you require more help, our artists are very talented and the cost is quite reasonable. Email us at for details. We have hundreds of fonts available.


What if I see a design I like on the EmblemArt website?

Unfortunately due to the custom nature of our services we cannot simply use another client's design to make your emblem. EmblemArt does not claim to own any of the designs that are made into emblems for our clients. In most cases they are considered as the property of the clients who purchased them. The images on the website are simply for convience and provided only for their lawful use. We just like to show off what you guys are designing!!!

And don't worry just as can't share past clients designs, we will not share yours either. Just send us your artwork and we will make your design into your very own Custom Emblem.


How much do they cost?

Check the PRICING tab to the left and be sure to select whether its a custom art emblem or a simple text emblem. Take a look at the GALLERY tab to see the differences for each material.

For all orders there is a one time setup and rendering fee of $49.99. If you are a return customer you only have to pay a setup cost to set the machinery back up to make your emblems. That cost is $29.99. Additional emblems of the same design will cost depending on the square inch rate. Unusually complex designs may cost more. But we work with you so there will be no surprises.


What about quantity pricing?

Yes, we can do large quantities using a variety of materials. Please email us for details, as technology and techniques are always changing.


How long does the whole process take?

The process of ordering an emblem can either be very quick, or it can take awhile. What it boils down to is how often we communicate back and forth. The downtime between email responses is what takes the most time. The quicker you respond to our messages the quicker you'll get your emblem. Different types of emblems have different lead times. See the chart below


Design Time

Manufacturing Time

Total Lead time

Acrylic Chrome/Black 1 week 1 week 2 weeks
Carbon Steel

1 week

5-6 weeks

6-7 weeks
Billet Aluminum 1 week 5-6 weeks 6-7 weeks
Large Quantity (300+) 1 week 4-8 weeks* 5-9 weeks*

*Lead time for large orders varies depending on the method and material of the emblems.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances, that much be accounted for. After all these are custom products and we want to assure that you are 100% satisfied. We refuse to supply you with anything but the best product. At times this may mean that your order could take up to twice the predicted lead time. But we'll always try our best to get you your emblem as soon as possible, and we will always keep you informed of the progress. Feel free to contact us about the status of your order at any time.


How much of a deposit is required?

In most cases a 50% deposit is required. In some cases however, such as with large emblems orders, a larger deposit, or full payment may be required.


Why is there a required deposit for all orders?

We require a deposit for Custom emblem orders because it takes a long time to create your emblems. Our designers have to render and convert files into usable formats to be sure that you get the best product available. This requires a lot of time. And as we all know, time is money.

Also the deposit pays for some of the material that will be used to make your sample emblems as well as your emblems. Without a deposit we simply cannot provide you with any of the neccessary steps to be sure that you are 100% satisfied.

The last reason is that the deposit works as a contract. Just as you would have a contract signed to have custom cabnets, or granite countertops, the deposit works as a contract for full payment once the work is completed to your satisfaction.


Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately because of the nature of the deposit it is not refundable. ( See above: Why is there a deposit required ). Because the money from the deposit is already spent, there is no way to refund it to you. Remember this is custom work. No emblem we supply is mass produced.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as paypal.


Why can't I find a shopping cart or a place to purchase my emblem here on the website?

Due to the custom nature of our services, there is not a set price for emblems. Email us your design and we'll get you a quote. You can then pay through a custom paypal link that we will send you, or we can call you to get your credit card information.

For more information on how to order visit this link: How To Order, or click the How To Order botton on the menu.


Shipping Info:

EmblemArt uses United States Postal Service for all shipments. Most custom orders will be sent via USPS Priority mail. International shipments are sent by this same method. Unfortunately due to the fact that neither the USPS or EmblemArt can control international mail protocall, International shipments will not be guaranteed against damage or loss. Additional shipping options are available upon request for any order.


Does EmblemArt offer a Rush Service

YES we offer a rush service. There is a Rush fee of $125 for Rush orders. With a rush order you get the following services:

  • Overnight Shipping via USPS Express Mail service
  • "Next-Up" Setup and Rendering service (Your order will be the next order that we will work on.)
  • Priority Positioning in the manufacturing batches

Typically Rush orders are done in around 3 days vs the 2 weeks that many orders will take.


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us!!