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We Remember!!!

Custom Chrome Emblems We remember

On this day 16 years ago a group of people decided that their best recourse to having their voices heard and destroying a nations ideals was violence, death and fear.

Yet, in spite of such horror, One nation came together, under God (from all religions, sects and beliefs), to form something that has since been experienced. We here at EmblemArt remember that Unity. We remember how the Nation came together to help, to hope and to move forward together.

With our current political, social and even meteorological circumstances it has never been more important for us to come together again, to help each other, and to move together. May we put aside our differences and learn again, that which we have already learned, at great cost.

We here at Emblem Art Incorporated have hope, even now, when things seem at their worst…. We, as a nation, can move forward!!