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OEM Chrome Emblems

Here at EmblemArt.com we require no minimum custom emblem order. However if you need to order 300 custom emblems or more you have a few more options available to you!

The OEM Emblems –

Only at EmblemArt your order is processed Manufacturer Direct! EmblemArt will forward your order directly to our manufacturers to process your order and get you the best price and quickest lead times on the market!

While quantity is a limiting factor for this style emblem, the results will prove themselves time and time again.

The Method –

These custom emblems are made by the same processes that OEM Car Emblems are made from. It is a process called injection molding.

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How It’s made:

The setup costs for this type of emblem are a bit higher that our typical Chrome Emblems, however at higher volumn the cost of this type of emblem is much more affordable.

Pricing –

Pricing on OEM Custom Chrome Emblems is unique for each order. We can’t really let you know the pricing until we can see a few things.

For an accurate quote please send us the following:

  1. Your design/art work
  2. Dimensions (length and width)
  3. Total quantity

Once we have that information we can forward you on to the manufacturers to get a manufacturer direct quote!!

Some Limitations –

There are a number of limitations with this type of emblem production. However many of these limitations have alternatives or work arounds. Contact us for a quote and we’ll get you set up!


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Typical Lead time for OEM Manufactured Chrome Emblems is 7-10 weeks.