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How to Order


There are a few steps to ordering emblems. They are listed below.

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1. Come Up with a Design
  • Many times people will try to send us images of existing product or emblems and ask us to copy it for them, but to change a few elements. Unfortunately, due to changes in International Copyright Law, we can’t do that. Even if the picture is of an old discontinued vehicle or emblem. Possible copyright limitations prohibit us from copying design from existing product in all cases.
  • However, whatever you can send us as your design, or as artwork, we can reproduce as a custom emblem specifically for you. The complexity of the design, and the file type that you send us will influence the cost of your order, however we CAN help you out.

Custom Emblems

  • Creating a design can be very simple, or it can be complicated.  It really depends on how much work you, personally, want to do.  A general rule of thumb:

    The EASIER you make it for US… The CHEAPER we can make it for YOU!!

  • There are many different image file types that exist in the digital world.  Some examples are: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, AI, EPS, and at times PDF.
  • The specific file type that will allow us to keep pricing as low as possible is called a Vector file. Typically vector files end in .EPS, .AI, .EPS, .CDR, and at times .PDF

Below are a couple of YouTube Videos made by designs studios that explain a bit more about Vector Files:

And Here is a video on font files:


2. Select a Product that will work best for your design!
We have a few different product offerings. Each product has its pluses and it’s minuses, it’s attributes and limitations, it’s gives and it’s takes. Below are the products we can offer. Hover over each item to see it’s Gives, and it’s takes. From three decide which will work best for you.

Gives: Extreme Detail, Quickest Turn Around, Most Economical custom option.
Takes: Flat, Colors limited to Chrome and Black, no Rounded Edges, Edges are Black

Chrome Emblems

Gives: Milled From Aluminum, Additional Color Options, BETTER than OEM Spec
Takes: Less Detail, Longer Production time, Most expensive custom option

Billet Aluminum

Gives: Extreme Detail, Quickest Turn Around, Most Economical Custom Product.
Takes: Flat, Colors limited to GOLD and Black, no Rounded Edges, Edges are Black

Gold Emblems

Gives: OEM Quality, Simple Peel and stick, Ships within 2 business days
Takes: Cannot be customized, which means they can’t be changed in any way

Chrome Letters

Gives: Chrome Plated to Meet or Exceed OEM standards, Multiple Color Options, Perfect for Large Quantity Orders
Takes: Minimum order of 300 units, 7-10 week lead time, medium detail

OEM Chrome Emblems

3. Contact Us!!

This seems rather simple, however there are a few things that we need from you when you contact us. We need these things in order to work you up a quote. If we don’t have one of them, we won’t be able to accurately supply you with a quote.

  1. We need your design, preferably in Vector format (see topic number 1)
  2. We need the dimensions (length and width) of the emblems you want to order
  3. We need the quantity you want to order

You can send these things through our quote form, which you can access in the menu above, or directly here: Get a Quote
You can also call us, however we’re in and out of the office a lot, so email typically works much better.

4. Place the Deposit for your Order

Once we have gone through the Order Consultations process and provided you a quote, the next step is to place the deposit for your order. To do this, we will send you a Payment Link, or Payment Request.

Please note that Deposits are 100% non-refundable.  For more information on the Terms and Conditions take a look here: Terms and Conditions

Please note: If you don’t have a Paypal Account that’s totally alright.  We will send you a Payment Request email via Paypal in which you can pay without setting up a paypal account.  Below is a quick youtube video to show how this can be accomplished:

5. Order Proofing and Production

Once deposit is paid we will walk you through the emblem fabrication process, which is as follows:

  1. Sample Renderings
  2. Final Renderings
  3. Emblem Fabrication
  • You will approve each step before we can move onto the next. This way we know that you are completely satisfied.
6. Pay the Remaining Balance and Shipment

Before we can ship, we need the final balance.  We’d send you a payment link, or request for the final balance.  Including shipping.

That’s it!!  It’s a pretty simple process.

Get Started


The process of ordering an emblem can either be very quick, or it can take awhile. What it boils down to is how often we communicate back and forth. The downtime between email responses is what takes the most time. The quicker you respond to our messages the quicker you’ll get your emblem. Different types of emblems have different lead times. See the chart below





Chrome/Gold Emblems 1 week 1 week 2 weeks
Billet Aluminum 2 weeks 5-6 weeks 6-7 weeks
Large Quantity (300+) 1 week 6-9 weeks*  7-10 weeks*

*Lead time for large orders varies depending on the method and material of the emblems.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances, that much be accounted for. After all these are custom products and we want to assure that you are 100% satisfied. We refuse to supply you with anything but the best product. At times this may mean that your order could take up to twice the predicted lead time. But we’ll always try our best to get you your emblem as soon as possible, and we will always keep you informed of the progress. Feel free to contact us about the status of your order at any time.