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Chrome Emblems


Pricing Starting at $2.99/Sq inch!!*


The Chrome Emblems –

Made from Automotive grade plastics, these custom emblems are weatherproof, fade proof and guaranteed to make your ride one of a kind!! And don’t worry, we don’t like holes in our cars either!!! Custom Chrome Emblems are backed with 3M automotive grade weatherproof adhesive. These emblems will stick to you automobile through any weather condition. We guarantee it!!!

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The Method

EmblemArt has developed a method to create custom chrome emblems with no minimum order!! When OEM Automotive manufactures make custom chrome emblems they order 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of custom chrome emblems paying $1000’s in setup costs alone. (We offer this service as well, Click Here for more information on High Quantity Injection Molded Custom Chrome Emblems)

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Some Limitations –

The process that we use to make your custom chrome emblems is distinct from how OEM Car Manufactures make their custom chrome emblems. Because of this there are limitations:

Our Chrome Emblems Are Flat!

Because of how they are manufactured, our chrome emblems are flat. We can’t offer any beveling or rounding of the edges either. To get this service we would have to charge our clients more money than we are comfortable with ($1000+).

Because the emblems are flat, they do have a slight brushed appearance. If they were straight plated, they would reflect just like a mirror. Be sure to check out our Custom Emblem Gallery under “Chrome Emblem” to become familiar with this material.

Our emblems have Black Edges

The material consists of a black core, this core is then nickle plated on top. Because the core is black, and we cut and etch through the top layer nickle plating to make your custom emblem designs, the edges, and the etching will be black. However the material takes paint extremely well. You can definitely paint the emblems once you get them. However is not a service we offer in house.

Our Custom Chrome Emblems can only be 1/8

Our emblems are 1/8″ thick and backed with an automotive grade foam adhesive that is 1/32″ thick. Unfortunately due to material manufacture limitations we can’t make emblems thicker than this.

Also when etching into this material we can only go about .25mm deep. This is to assure that the intgrity of the emblem holds up. We don’t want to make you an emblem that won’t last for years!!

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Typical Lead time for Custom Chrome Emblems is about 2 weeks from the date we recieve the deposit for your order!!

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*Minimum material charge – $45